Not a Koala            

At Qualia we’re all about bringing you the best when it comes to your home internet, networking and sharing solutions, but outside of the confines of our workspace, we’re just a bunch of nerds who love computers and all things related to them. This is why I’ve decided to take a break from writing in nothing but lingo and jargon, and speaking to our customer and friend base from a more laid back perspective. To bring you the side of myself and ourselves that’s rarely seen by our customers. Maybe we’ll have a few laughs along the way, get to know one another a little better, or just have some fun to pass the time in a little more lighthearted way.

I suppose I should go all the way back to when my love of computers first stared, and what got me into working in this field. It all began with my father’s commodore 64, the very first computer I ever got my hands on. I remember trying to learn how to use it, what I needed to do with the floppy disks, and how to even get a program to run when I first put the disk in. There also spawned my love for computer games, and I got my hands on all the gem precursors to the world of gaming that has taken over today.

I remember spending hours sitting at the screen with the original Doom, laying waste to monsters and zombies until I was more zombie than human. Learning about cheat codes was what got me into being fascinated with programming. Learning to hack your way around your favorite games took a fair bit of skill and attention, and it was always something that I took to pretty quickly. It was in learning the language that the computer spoke that opened my eyes to the vast amount of things that were going on behind the screen I was looking at, and my little brain wanted to know everything I could about it.

I wound up looking into programming at the time other kids my age were still choosing their own adventures out of the local library. I would sit for hours reading various programming text to find out how to make the machine do my bidding. I wrote my first program when I was only twelve, mind you it only made the disk eject itself, but I was on my way to learning a myriad of other things from that point. I followed up on this passion throughout my childhood years, and well into high school. It wasn’t until I started to make my choices for college that I ever thought that I would be able to do this as a career choice rather than just a hobby. So that’s exactly what I decided to do. I applied to a local tech college and managed to get in without much issues, and that’s when my real learning started in the world of computers.


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